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Overview of our Company History (Shashi) Project
Overview of our Company History (Shashi) Project

While the history of the modernization of political systems and institutions in Japan has been heavily studied, the economic aspects of the modernization process have been largely neglected.

Focusing on the role of companies in the modernization of society, the Company History (Shashi) Project aims to provide materials and information so as to facilitate the study of the social impact of economic development on people’s lives. The project includes two components, a shashi database and a business archives directory.


an introduction to shashi, a treasure trove of information on economic development

Annotated List of Shashi (Japanese only)

a simple introduction to the shashi (listed by company) that have already been added to the database

Business Archives

an introduction to business archives, an important social and cultural resource

links to the websites of business archives and other web-based shashi resources
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