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Japan-U.S. Archives Seminar

The Resource Center for the History of Entrepreneurship housed the secretariat and sat on the executive committee of the Japan-U.S. Archives Seminar.

Japan-U.S. Archives Seminar

“Access to Archives: Japanese and American Practices”

Dates:  Closed Sessions – May 9-10, 2007
Public Session – May 11, 2007
Location:  Sanjo Conference Hall, Tokyo University
(7-3-1- Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Organizers:  Japan-U.S. Archives Seminar Executive Committee
[PDF 68KB]

Society of American Archivists

Accountability is the basis of civil society.  It is secured through the preservation of and access to documents relating to the management and operations of organizations that influence society, such as public institutions and private companies.  The goal of this seminar is to look at archives that play an important role in providing this type of information.  Particularly, to look at archives from the point of view of public access and to compare the state of affairs in Japan and the United States so as to share experiences and build the foundation for future cooperation.  In addition, to share experiences and spread awareness of the issues of history and memory, the culture surrounding which differs greatly in Japan and the United States, and provide a new way of looking at the issue of accountability for both local and international organizations.

For example, pre-WWII records held by the U.S. National Archives and other American archives are heavily used by Japanese scholars but either due to Japan’s loss of the war or to other reasons, there is little information about even the existence of documents on the Japanese side.  Currently questions on the re-designation of sensitive documents are being raised in the United States and the repercussions are spreading among researchers.  We aim to provide the opportunity to collaborate and look at issues such as what types of records exist in Japan and the United States, and what type of system for use is in place.


* List of associations and companies that supported or contributed to the seminar [PDF 88KB]


▼ Closed Sessions – May 9-10, 2007
  (Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view PDF files)


▼ Public Session – May 11, 2007
“The Public Nature of Archives and Access Issues: American and Japanese Philosophies and Practices”

Japanese Language Publication

Ogawa, Chiyoko, and Izumi Koide, eds.  Akaibu he no akusesu (Access to Archives: Japanese Experiences, American Experiences).  Tokyo: Nichigai Associates, 2008. ISBN: 9784816921360

Contributors / Preface / Table of Contents (Japanese only)


  • Book Reviews
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▼ Papers presented at the Conference (external links)

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  • Koide, Izumi.  “Nichibei akaibu semina: rekishi shiryo he no akusesu nihon no keiken, amerika no keiken (Japan-U.S. Archives Seminar: Access to Historical Documents  Japanese Experiences U.S. Experiences),” in Columns.  The Japan Foundation for Global Partnership, Vol.5 No.7/8 2007 p.1
    - Japanese article [PDF 759KB]

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