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Institutions Country
1 Australian National University, Canberra, ACT Australia
2 Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
3 University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales Australia
4 Universitat Wien, Wien Austria
5 Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec Canada
6 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
7 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
8 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada
9 University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia Canada
10 University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario Canada
11 York University, North York, Ontario Canada
12 Beijing University, Beijing China
13 Fudan University, Shanghai China
14 Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris France
15 College de France, Paris France
16 Musee Albert Kahn, Boulogne France
17 Societe Franco-Japonaise, Paris France
18 Universite de la Sorbonne, Paris France
19 Universite de Lyon-3, Lyon France
20 Universite de Paris, Paris France
21 Universite de Strasbourg, Strasbourg France
22 Freie Universitat Berlin, Berlin Germany
23 Universitat Bonn, Bonn Germany
24 Universitat Duisburg, Duisburg Germany
25 Universitat Marburg, Marburg Germany
26 Korea University, Seoul Korea
27 Pusan National University, Pusan Korea
28 Seoul National University, Seoul Korea
29 Yonsei University, Seoul Korea
30 The National University of Singapore Singapore
31 Erasmus University, Rotterdam The Netherlands
32 Rijkuniversiteit te Leiden, Leiden The Netherlands
33 British Library of Political and Economic Science, London U.K.
34 Cambridge University, Cambridge U.K.
35 The Bodleian Japanese Library, Oxford U.K.
36 The British Library, London U.K.
37 University of London, London U.K.
38 California State University, Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
39 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.
40 Chicago State University, Chicago, IL U.S.A.
41 Columbia University, New York, NY U.S.A.
42 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA U.S.A.
43 Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA U.S.A.
44 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD U.S.A.
45 Library of Congress, Washington D.C. U.S.A.
46 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI U.S.A.
47 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ U.S.A.
48 Tufts University, Medford, MA U.S.A.
49 University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI U.S.A.
50 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS U.S.A.
51 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI U.S.A.
52 Washington State University, Pullman, WA U.S.A.
53 Yale University, New Haven, CT U.S.A.
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