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The Shibusawa Memorial Museum hosts various exhibitions and programs throughout the year. Special exhibitions are displayed in the special exhibition rooms and lectures are held in the conference room.
Dates Title
Sep.9 - Dec.10 2017 Special Exhibition: “Shibusawa Eiichi Goes to the Paris Universal Exposition”(Part 2)
Mar.18 – Jun.25 2017 Special Exhibition: “Shibusawa Eiichi Goes to the Paris Universal Exposition”(Part 1)
Mar.12 – May.15 2016 Special Exhibition: “Shibusawa Eiichi and Shimizu Corporation”
Oct.3 – Nov.29 2015 Special Exhibition: “Abandoning Private to Embrace Public: Shibusawa Eiichi and the Banking Industry”
Mar. 14 - May. 31 2015 Special Exhibition: “The Advancement of Modern Spinning: Shibusawa Eiichi and Toyobo”
Oct. 4 - Nov. 30 2014 Special Exhibition: “Uniting the Minds of Merchants: Shibusawa Eiichi and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce”
Jun. 14 - Sep. 7 2014 Exhibition from the Collections: “Shibusawa Eiichi and Ex-Bakufu Officials”
Mar. 15 - May. 25 2014 Special Exhibition: “The Hospitality of Businessmen: Shibusawa Eiichi and the Imperial Hotel”
Aug. 25 - Nov. 24 2013 Special Exhibition: Special Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of Shibusawa Keizo’s Death “Saigyodo Festival”
Mar. 16 - May 26 2013 Special Exhibition“Shibusawa Eiichi and Oji Paper Co., Ltd.: A Venture for the Good of the Country”
Sep.29- Nov.25 2012 Special Exhibition: Rediscover Shibusawa Eiichi: The History of the Shibusawa Memorial Museum and Masterpieces from the Collections
Mar.17 - May. 27 Special Exhibition: The Shibusawa Warehouse Co., Ltd. and Shibusawa Eiichi
Oct. 1 - Nov. 27 2011 Special Exhibition: Shibusawa Eiichi and Jitsugyo no Nihon: Businessmen as Seen in Magazines
Jun. 11 - Sep. 19 Exhibition “Shibusawa Eiichi and Sun Yat-sen”
Mar. 5 - May 8 Extended to Mar. 5 - May 29 The Story of the Law Scholar Hozumi Nobushige and his Wife Utako: Based on an Oral History Project with Shibuswa Eiichi's Great-Grandson Hozumi Shigeyuki
February 19 - May 8 Shibusawa Family Hina Dolls
Oct. 2 - Nov. 23 2010 Shibusawa Eiichi and the Student Dormitory: The Establishment of the Saitama Gakusei Yueki-kai
Aug.t 7 - Sep. 23 Shibusawa Eiichi and the Great Kanto Earthquake: Looking to Reconstruction
Mar. 20 - May 5 Shibusawa Eiichi and Albert Kahn: Exchanges of Two Businessmen of Japan and France
Oct. 3 - Nov. 23 2009 Sarada Ichiro Collection - Plates Speak: Society and Trends in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Eras as Depicted on Plates
Aug 15 - Sep 23 Shibusawa Eiichi Goes to the U.S.A.: Private Economic Diplomacy of 100 Years Ago
June. 7 - July 31 Modernization and Entrepreneurs of Japan, China and America
Mar. 7 - May 30 Seien Cover Pictures
Mar. 3 - May 6 Mini Photo Exhibition: “Wow! Take a look ? that’s neat!” Unknown Views of the Bankoro and Seien Bunko
Feb. 21 - May 6 The Shibusawa Family Hinamatsuri
Dec. 6, 2008 -
Feb. 14, 2009
2008 Photo Exhibition: Lighting of the Bankoro and Seien Bunko
Oct. 11 - Nov. 29 Masuda Akihisa Photo Exhibition: Bankoro and Seien Bunko
Oct. 4 - Nov. 24 Enabling Japanese to Prosper in South America: Shibusawa Eiichi and Japanese Immigration to Brazil
Jul. 19 - Aug. 24 Shibusawa Eiichi and the Friendship Dolls: The Doll Project 81 Years Ago
March 8 - May 6 Shibusawa Eiichi in Oji and Takinogawa - His Residence, Public Space and the Local Area
Feb.1 - Feb. 13 Shibusawa Eiichi and the Ambassadors of Peace: Japanese Friendship Dolls Sent to the United States
Mar. 6 - May. 6 2007 Exhibition of New Acquisitions from Akiko Shibusawa Collection
Oct. 1 - Nov. 26 2006 Memorial Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of Ryumonsha
Mar. 4 - May 7 Tanabe Junkichi: The Architect behind the Bankoro and the Seien Bunko
Oct. 2 - Nov. 27 2005 Different Lands/Shared Experiences: The Emergence of Modern Industrial Society in Japan and the United States
June 13 - July 29 The Birth of Modern Industrial Society in Japan (Toronto, Canada)
May 21 - May 23 Shibusawa Eiichi's Ninety-one Year Life (Nantong, China)
Apr. 1 - May 5 Nostalgic Memories of the Showa Era and Days Spent with Grandfather: Reminiscences by Shibusawa Eiichi's Granddaughter Samejima Sumiko
Nov. 13 - Dec. 12 2004 The Beginnings of Modern Industrial Society
Sept. 9 - Oct. 2 Different Lands/Shared Experiences: The Emergence of Modern Industrial Society in Japan and the United States (St Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.)
Oct. 11 - Nov. 24 2003 A Message from the Seien Bunko Library: An Invitation to an Elegant Taisho Era Building
Apr. 5 - May 5 Photography Exhibition: A Record of the Restoration Project
Oct. 12 - Nov. 24 2002 From Onna Daigaku to Women's Universities: Shibusawa Eiichi's Thoughts on Women's Education
Oct. 20 - Nov. 25 2001 Building a Museum of Japanese Business History: Shibusawa Keizo's Vision and Remaining Collection
Oct. 21 - Nov. 26 2000 The Tokyo Yoiku-in: Investigating the Origins of Japanese Welfare and Medical Services
Oct. 23 - Nov. 23 1999 The Shibusawa Residence in Asukayama: The Completed Restoration of the Bankoro Cottage
Mar. 28 - May 5 Blossoming Cherry Trees at the Shibusawa Memorial Museum
Oct. 24 - Dec. 6 1998 From the National Bank to the Japanese Financial Big Bang: The 125th Anniversary of the Modern Bank in Japan
Mar. 27 - June 28 Asukayama and Shibusawa Eiichi
March 28, 1998 Opening of the Main Building
Nov. 5 - Dec. 19 1991 Letters from the Iwakura Mission
Oct. 3 - Oct. 13 1990 Shibusawa Eiichi Exhibition: Commemorating 150 Years Since his Birth (Hokutopia, City of Kita)
Nov. 1 - Dec. 19 1989 The Dai-Ichi Kokuritsu Ginko As Seen in Color Woodblock Prints
Oct. 18 - Dec. 19 1988 The Attic Museum: Shibusawa Keizo and Folklore
Oct. 15 - Dec. 19 1986 The Development of the Ryumonsha in a Turbulent Society
Oct. 15 - Dec. 19 1985 Meiji Intelligentsia: The Reform Committee of the Ministry of People's Affairs
Oct. 2 - Dec. 19 1984 Encircled by Fame: Letters from the Shibusawa Eiichi Collection
Oct. 11 - Nov. 5 1983 Shibusawa Keizo Exhibition
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