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Permanent Exhibition

Entrance Hall, First Floor
Inside the entrance to the museum is a circular entrance hall with the information desk to the right.

-25-minute Movie
To the left is the conference room where a 25-minute movie on the life and work of Shibusawa Eiichi is shown on a 100-inch screen. An English version of the movie is available from the reception desk.

-Bust of Eiichi
A bust of Shibusawa Eiichi stands on the landing of the stairs leading to the second floor.

Exhibition Hall, Second Floor

Life-size photograph -Life-size Photograph
You are welcomed at the entrance to the exhibition hall by a life-size photograph of Shibusawa Eiichi from when he was in Paris at the age of twenty-seven. Behind him is a color print of the Dai-Ichi Kokuritsu Ginko (First National Bank), an institution that he founded and used as a base for much of his involvement in the business world.

-5-minute Video
To the right is a 29-inch monitor continuously showing a 5-minute video introducing the life and accomplishments of Shibusawa Eiichi.

Exhibition Layout
After the video, the exhibition proceeds through displays divided into nine major topics related to Eiichi. The interpretive panels include text and images and the display cases contain artifacts and documents such as letters and manuscripts. To view the exhibits chronologically start with "Hometown" and continue counterclockwise all the way to "Life of Ninety-one Years Comes to a Close."

1. Hometown
The first 23 years of Eiichi's life are outlined in this section, including his involvement in the family business, his childhood studies, and his participation in the sonno-joi (revere the emperor, expel the foreigners) movement.

2. Retainer of the Hitotsubashi Family
This section describes Eiichi's responsibilities as a retainer of the Hitotsubashi family, in particular his visit to Paris and other parts of Europe as a member of the delegation to the Paris Universal Exposition. The beginnings of the Shoho Kaisho, a small trading and finance company he founded in Shizuoka after returning to Japan, are also described.

3. Member of the Meiji Government
Eiichi's positions in the early Meiji government and the establishment of the reform bureau are shown here, showcasing Eiichi's early accomplishments.

4. Contributions to the Building of Japan's Economy
This section demonstrates the breadth of Eiichi's achievements, outlining his establishment of the Dai-Ichi Kokuritsu Ginko (First National Bank) and looking at the myriad of other companies he founded or assisted. Also discussed is his commitment to harmony between "the Analects and the abacus," that is, morality and business.

5. Private-sector Diplomacy
Eiichi's activities to promote friendly relations between Japan and the United States and his role as a pioneer in the field of private-sector diplomacy are shown here. A radio address, preaching the spirit of the League of Nations, given by Shibusawa Eiichi at the age of 88 can be listened to in this section.

6. Promotion of Social Welfare and Education
Some of Eiichi's many activities in the field of social welfare and education are showcased here including his long directorship of the Tokyo Yoiku-in, a welfare institution for orphans, elderly, and people with disabilities; his involvement in business education and education for women; his role in the Chamber of Tokyo and the improvement of social conditions in the city; and his views on the relationship between labor and management, especially in connection with the Cooperation Society.

7. Family
This section introduces Eiichi's children and grandchildren as well as the Shibusawa Family Company.

8. Broad Circle of Acquaintances
Eiichi's wide network of acquaintances is evident from the many letters displayed in this section from famous people of various walks of life. Items on display are changed periodically.

9. Life of Ninety-one Years Comes to a Close
This last section rounds out Eiichi's life with a look at the memorial services held in his honor.


Refresh corner Photo The lounge is situated with a fine view of the Old Shibusawa Garden through the wide panoramic window. The view is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season in spring and when the leaves have turned in the fall. The bookshelf and chairs in the lounge are original furnishings from the Shibusawa home and, together with the photographs displayed here, give a vivid image of what things would have looked like in Eiichi's time.

Calligraphy and the History of the Ryumonsha
This section displays works of calligraphy by Eiichi and charts the history of the Ryumonsha, an organization formed by followers of Eiichi. Items on exhibit are changed periodically and are not on display when special exhibitions are held in the space.

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