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Shibusawa Eiichi Denki Shiryo
Shibusawa Eiichi denki shiryoThe Shibusawa Eiichi denki shiryo (Shibusawa Eiichi Biographical Materials) is a compilation of primary sources including diary entries, letters, newspaper and journal articles, and other contemporary materials relating to the life and activities of Shibusawa Eiichi. The materials describe not only specific events within the founding, development, and running of many of the roughly 500 companies and 600 non-profit organizations in the fields of education, social welfare, and health with which Eiichi was involved but also provide socio-economic background information, explanations of the rationalization for Eiichi’s actions as an investor and leader, examples of practical corporate governance, and biographical portraits of a large number of figures from across Japan and around the world. Thus the Denki shiryo provides a detailed picture of the social and economic modernization of Japan from the late Edo through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods.

Chapter-by-Chapter Overview of the Denki Shiryo

Table of Contents
a volume-by-volume table of contents of the Denki shiryo, with links to English translations of the content summaries

Digital version of the Shibusawa Eiichi Denki Shiryo (Japanese only)

English language user guide for the digital version of the Shibusawa Eiichi Denki Shiryo (PDF 746KB)

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