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Image Index(Ebiki)

When Shibusawa Keizo tried to found a museum of business history in the 1930s and 1940s, he collected many woodblock prints (nishiki-e) depicting the modernization and industrialization of society. Keizo also compiled an image index of things depicted in ancient picture scrolls. He called this index an ebiki, a sort of dictionary for images.

Following in Keizo's footsteps, the Resource Center is working on a nishiki-e image index  in order to increase public access to such documents and support research on the modernization era.


“On the Creation of an Ebiki”
Shibusawa Keizo’s thoughts on the creation of an image index
Jitsugyoshi Ebiki (Business History Image Index)
a searchable online database of nishiki-e depicting the industrialization and modernization of Japan (Japanese only)
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